Lakeside Systrack 9 Proof of Concept

After completing my primary work package for a Telco client of mine I was asked if I could help with performing an application assessment for the migration of c. 500 users and 30-50 installed applications PLUS a number of URLs.  The previous way this had been done by a previous contractor was quite crude, exporting AD Users/Groups and Published Application information (which wasn’t that useful as many used published desktops).  Fortunately having worked on a number of significant migrations across various sectors I was aware of SysTrack, but as with any client you cannot always get your own way without performing an element of due diligence.

This meant I needed to provide a scoping document complete with a method of product selection.  Armed with the Citrix Ready Marketplace I started my selection of an assessment tool <example filter>.

My shortlist ended with three vendors, Liquidware, eG Innovations, Control Up & Lakeside SysTrack.

After evaluation this became a contest between Liquidware and Lakeside … Lakeside did however get across the line, primarily because the Telco owner was already evaluating it for a different piece of work with different requirements.

So onto the POC…

  • Number of end points / users is less than 500
  • Network requirements relatively simple 443
  • Server 2016, 12GB Ram, 60GB System Disk, 20GB data disk
  • Systrack Software and Eval License Key
  • Service Account for Report Server
  • Password for SQL Express install
  • Optional – Client own SSL Cert (this actually makes the install a little more straightforward due to the installer generating its self-signed cert “after” the Report Server Configuration meaning you cannot configure the report server until installed

The server was deployed and configured using the clients standard build documents, sys track was installed following installation documentation.  The only issue was the report server… but here is the command you need to run if you come across this issue


“<path>\ReportInstaller.exe” /s http://<ReportServerName>/<ReportVirtualDirectory>_<InstanceName&gt; /cu <domain>\<account> /ds <server>\<instance> /c <initialcatalog> /d “<pathto>\Content” /r <SysTrack root location>/<master name> /l “%temp%\LSI_ReportInstaller.log”


“C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\SSRS Report Installer\Release\ReportInstaller.exe” /s http://systrack/ReportServer_SYSMGMT_DB /cu CORP\User /ds SysTrack\SYSMGMT_DB /c SysTrack /d “C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\SSRS Report Installer\Release\Content” /r SysTrackReports /l “%temp%\LSI_ReportInstaller.log”

Please check your install media for the ReportInstaller.exe and the content

I have now added a couple of endpoints to assess and will update this post once I get more information captured…

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